“My wife sought acupuncture for hip, sleep, and shoulder issues. After seeing the immediate results in my wife in all three areas, I knew I had to check it out.” –Anonymous


“I have an incurable bone disease, and Western Medicine no longer had any options to improve my condition. To say I experienced immediate results would be an understatement. There was a noticeable improvement that continued for days, and I felt relief no pharmaceutical could match. After 4 treatments I had made more progress than I had in the past ten years.” –B.W


“My last treatment was an amazing experience. I loved being under Lindsey’s care. This has truly been exceptional, by far the best medical treatment ever.” –S.S.


"I sought treatment from Lindsey after losing the use of one arm from nerve damage caused by shingles, and the use of the other a few weeks later from overuse. She was able to bring both arms back to full functionality in a few months, when the neurologist and physical therapist only helped a small bit. Then, she helped me through relationship griefs in my early widowhood, using Emotion Code and prayer, since we shared the same faith. Amazing freedom. Sure do miss her since we both moved to different states." –N.S.


“I went from being a healthy marathon runner, to being unable to walk around the block without my joints grinding to a halt. After several Emotion Code sessions, my walks started to become longer, and I grew in self awareness. I wake up in the morning knowing who I am and loving what I’m doing with each day. Lindsey’s practice has been nothing short of a blessing in my life.” –B.V.


“I was in the hospital with an infection on my foot and a systemic allergic reaction to the antibiotics that were given to me. I contacted Lindsey for a distance Emotion Code treatment. The day after the treatment is when things changed and started to improve rather than slowly getting worse. Along with the staff and physicians at the hospital, I am very grateful that I contacted Lindsey and received treatment from her.” –S.M.


“Lindsey is an exceptional healer. Her acupuncture is amazing! She is very gentle and in tune with you. Lindsey is gifted and blessed in her field, and I can’t thank her enough for all she has done!”  –J.S.


“Immediately following my Emotion Code treatment with Lindsey, I took a 3-hour nap, then woke up with nearly no negative feelings about my relationship ending and found the strength to really cut ties.” –T.R.

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