Treatment Rates


Call us to schedule a new patient consult. During this visit, you discuss your chief complaint(s) and goals. Please indicate if you'd like to schedule your first treatment with your consult. Each person is unique and requires a different frequency and number of treatments to reach their goals. Therefore, total cost varies per person.

New patient consult: $60

Acupuncture treatment: $75

Cosmetic acupuncture: $160

Packages available. 


This includes Emotion Code, Body Code, and anything else that involves applied kinesiology (muscle testing).

New patient: $90

Existing patient: $60

Add-on to acupuncture: $40

We gladly accept HSA and FSA cards.

We don't accept insurance; however, you may try submitting your receipts to your insurance company for reimbursement. We do not guarantee reimbursement. Acupuncture is a covered benefit on some plans, but often a deductible must be met first, and the plan may only cover a certain number of visits or only allow treatment for certain conditions. Contact your insurance company for more information.